Grace is a real feat of woodworking: a bike made almost entirely from wood.
It was born as a challenge, and ended up redefining my professional goals. I've put my greatest care into every detail, and I couldn't be more proud of the result

First place in Kawearu

Front page of Shed Magazine

Meet grace in detail

Laminated handles with Oak and carbon fibre layers
Bicycle binding chain, made of wood

Every detail hides a passionate pursuit of excellence.
Each piece was made with one question in mind: how can I make it better?

Ash, Walnut and Oak body, handcrafted. No timber was cut by CNC.
Laminated handles with Oak and carbon fibre layers.

Wooden mudguard, made of Walnut and Ash
Detailed picture of the transmission system

The mudguards give Grace elegance and lightness. They are the result of meticulous and challenging design. Each mudguard is three layers deep, and consists of 37 pieces.
The pedal drive and 22-speed transmission system give Grace the freedom her spirit demands.

Detailed picture of wooden pedals
Detailed image of the plate with the author's signature

It has tubeless tires and wooden rims, designed to contain the air pressure necessary for a comfortable ride.

The wiring was done inside the frame, leaving only a minimal and indispensable portion of it exposed.

Detailed picture of wooden pedals

It all started with some Midget car tyres


The story begins with a question: What can I do with these tires? A wooden bicycle was the answer


Each challenge brought me a new one. I had so much fun that I couldn't stop.


A project from the heart is destined for great achievements. With Grace, many miles have been traveled around incredible landscapes. And above all, Grace has given me the chance to meet wonderful people.



  • Weight: 60kg / 132.277 lb


  • 3 Shimano XT brake disks
  • Shimano XT Hydraulic brake calipers


  • Tubular frame in Walnut, Ash and Oak. Weight: 8kg / 17.6 lb
  • Oak and carbon fibre handle
  • Broocks leather seat


  • American Racer Tubeless Tyres 26.0/12.0-13GT
  • American white Oak, Ash and Meranti plywood rims 18mm
  • Aluminium hubs
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Industrial bearings and orrins


  • 2 Shimano XT chain rings
  • Shimano alfine eleven-speed gearbox
  • 22 shifts